Mike, 20, average. I like quite a lot of things so i'll keep it nice and simple. Music, my band, my friends, gaming, cartoons and the pub. This blog will be full of seemingly random things, but hey, that's just my life.

I swear i'll sort this theme out...one day.

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After having long hair for around 10 years, I finally decided to get it cut short. 

I feel so shit and down, I wish I had someone to talk to.

Everyone else my age seems to be getting engaged or having kids and I’m just sat here playing pokemon.

Bayside’s “Hate Me” Song Released Through An Odd Avenue



A new Bayside song called “Hate Me” has made its way online through a music video by a band called Caraboo. You can stream the song below after the jump.

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To drop a twix, or not? Tempting.

I actually got 3 packs but gave 1 away. Free food!


Heard a lot about Attack on Titan, lets see what all the fuss is about.